Terms of use

Terms of use

Listed below are the conditions under which airpim srl located in via Per Marco, 12D - 38068 Rovereto (TN) - Trentino Alto Adige - Italy & its partners (hereinafter also "FILP” or “THE FILP TEAM”) declares to users who access to the website FILP.TV and related domains.


  1. Basic information

    1. The use of the platforms, software, sites and services under the FILP brand, offered and managed by the company airpim srl and its partners is permitted only to those who accept the following terms and conditions which at a later time may be modified and updated: a special alert on the home page will inform of changing terms of use and eventually, registered users will receive specific communication using one of the communication channels available.

    2. Anyone navigating this site implicitly accepts the terms and conditions of use, users who access and register will be asked explicitly to read and accept these Terms of Use and Information otherwise they shall be unable to use any services requiring registration.

    3. We strongly recommend inspecting all documents available. The User acknowledges and agrees that airpim srl and its partners has specifically recommended and required the user to review the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.


  2. Site Use

    1. In this website, THE FILP TEAM offers information and services. Public information is generally available. Following valid registration further information can be managed and reviewed.

    2. All information (understood as any user data or element) user-entered on this website fall under the full and exclusive responsibility of the user himself. For this reason, the user acknowledges and agrees to take upon himself all and exclusive responsibility arising from the publication of such information, with reference in particular and without limitation, to their truthfulness and the ownership of rights to use, and states and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FILP in this regard. FILP reserves the right to block the account holding information used for purposes not consistent with the spirit of THE FILP TEAM.

    3. In any case, the user agrees not to use FILP for the following purposes:

      1. Publish material contrary to public order and morality; publish material contrary to Italian laws, the EU and international legislation; post content that violates laws of your country of residence; post any material false, inaccurate, fraudulent, misleading, defamatory, or contrary to intellectual property rights;

      2. Violate any laws, rights of others or the articles contained in these Terms of Use the user acknowledges to have read and accepted in whole.

      3. Violate laws requiring contracts to be signed only to persons who meet the necessary particular conditions.

      4. Use the information obtained, or simply under processing, for purposes contrary to Italian law, the EU and international laws, or the term of use of FILP. Any violation will be severely prosecuted with all appropriate force; to report any abuse email: filp@filp.com.

    4. airpim reserves the faculty to interrupt, in whole or in part for technical reasons, at any time the operations on this website. Due to the nature of the internet and computer systems, THE FILP TEAM assumes no responsibility for the availability and continuity over time of this website and no compensation may be claimed for such disruptions.

  3. Registration and Password

    1. The management of the information entered by any individual user through the FILP software platform is password protected, and by other safety devices to safeguard the confidentiality and ownership of information. THE FILP TEAM reserves the right to cancel the registration of users who justifiably believes may endanger the system stability and seriousness and respectability of our services. THE FILP TEAM holds the right, at any time and without any notice or further explanation, to deny access to a user's own personal area, in particular if the User:

      1. uses a false identity with the intention to deceive third parties;

      2. violates the terms and conditions of this contract, in which case the user will be notified of the account block and urged to provide adequate explanations as to misconduct and if response is not achieved within 30 days your account will be deleted without further notification.

    2. For registration, the user must provide the requested information: some is mandatory as it constitutes the means to activate and manage the account, hence must be technically correct, whereas other is optional; should the mandatory information change over time, the User is required to amend, following the prescribed procedure, without further delay, the information otherwise its account will no longer be accessible. By way of illustration but not limited to, the User must provide an active e-mail (so that the user may be contacted by that means) or it shall not be able to complete the registration process nor be able to use the services within that account.

    3. Upon registration, THE FILP TEAM will generate unique access credentials, consisting of a User ID and Password. The User shall be able to change its password by following the established system procedures.

    4. Unique access credentials are strictly personal, and the User must ensure that they are not sold and / or shared with third parties. At the conclusion of every FILP session the User shall carry out the disconnection procedure, as to avoid the unduly use of the account by third parties. If the user becomes aware that his / her user data is used by third parties, it should change his / her password. Should this not be possible due to the intervention of third parties in bad faith, the User shall immediately submit a notice of abuse to the filp@filp.tv e-mail address, providing proof of the stolen account ownership. THE FILP TEAM, once verified the documentation provided by the User, shall proceed to the account restitution to its rightful original holder.

    5. The User may request in writing, at any time, the cancellation of its registration.


  4. Rights of Use of Information, Products and Software Documentation

    1. The use of any information, software, and documentation on this site and on related web-sites is subject to the Terms and Conditions of this document and its updates. In the event of separately agreed additional licenses, these will prevail over the provisions contained in this document.


  5. Property rights.

    1. The user acknowledges and agrees that trademarks, patents, and any other information (hereinafter also "Materials") displayed on the site filp.tv and related sites are protected by Italian law applicable to intellectual property and other EU legislation or international treaties. The user further acknowledges and agrees that Content contained in sponsor advertisements or presented to the User's through the services of third parties (by way of illustration but not limited to: Beneverland, Adsense) are protected by copyright, product trademarks, service trademarks, patents or other property rights protected by law. Except where expressly authorized, the reproduction of FILP Material without the written consent of the original owner is prohibited

    2. THE FILP TEAM does not claim any ownership rights and accepts no responsibility nor any obligation to monitor the material published by the self-styled original owner, who will be directly responsible to third parties for any attribution of rights that were not its own. By submitting, posting or displaying any Materials on this site or on related you grant airpim a non-exclusive, global, and copyright-free license, to reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, and distribute such Material on FILP and the services connected therewith.

    3. THE FILP TEAM reserves the right to refuse, at its discretion, the publication by the User of Material that it deems detrimental to the image of FILP: against this unilateral decision the User may still appeal by writing its arguments, reporting the abuse to the e-mail address filp@filp.tv.

    4. Each user will have the right to report to THE FILP TEAM, via the e-mail address filp@filp.tv, possible abuses of third-parties while cooperating with THE FILP TEAM in the preservation of the normal use of the system as regulated in these Terms of Use and in the Privacy Policy.


  6. Intellectual Property

    1. Information, trademarks, and other content on this site cannot be modified, copied, reproduced, sold, rented, used, supplemented, or used without prior written consent of THE FILP TEAM.

    2. Upon an apparent violation of a Trademark, Patent, or Copyright, an emial filp@filp.tv or a written communication to the legal department of FILP (airpim srl via Per Marco, 12D - 38068 Rovereto (TN) - Trentino Alto Adige - Italy - C/O FILP Legal Department) who shall examine the matter promptly and eliminate the cause of the dispute directly, and only where this proves impossible or is ineffective since late it shall activate the procedure provided by the law and these Terms of Use for the offending users.


  7. User Rights

    1. The User may discontinue, at any time, using the services of FILP, subject to economic agreements that have not expired and any further FILP contracts signed between the User and which should be considered.


  8. Hyperlink

    1. On the webpages of FILP, you may find hypertext connections (Hyperlink) to external sites or applications in external sites, presented to provide a better service to the users. THE FILP TEAM is in no way responsible for the content and the applications found on the websites the users may eventually enter through its own site.

    2. The existence of a hyperlink to another site does not therefore imply approval or acceptance of responsibility by airpim for the content of the new site being accessed, including its Privacy Policy.

    3. The use of such web pages and / or applications on web pages outside FILP is, therefore, always the sole responsibility of the User.


  9. Advertisement

    1. Certain free Services of FILP are financed through proceeds from direct and indirect advertisement (i.e. the use of the Addsense platform of Google) and may visualize advertising announcements and promotions: the user accepts that FILP may introduce such advertisement and relieves FILP from the responsibility that may derive from prejudice or damage of any type suffered by the user following the presence of such advertisers or from the subsequent relations of the user therewith.


  10. Liability for defects of title or quality

    1. Information provided on this website and on related website is exclusively general information and may be, depending on circumstances, incomplete or inaccurate. THE FILP TEAM also reserves the right to change at any time, without notice, the contents of the site.

    2. THE FILP TEAM disclaims any responsibility for the above possibilities or the harmful consequences, direct or indirect, which might arise from the use or inability to use the information on the site.


  11. Disclaimer

    1. The user acknowledges having read and accepted the following:

      1. FILP products and services are provided "saas" and "based on their availability."

      2. The use of FILP is entirely at your own risk.

      3. THE FILP TEAM does not guarantee in any way that will satisfy the user or that FILP services will not suffer interruptions;

      4. THE FILP TEAM does not guarantee FILP services are punctual, reliable, error free, and that the consequences of using FILP will be satisfactory to the user;

      5. THE FILP TEAM despite its daily efforts and the implementation of the best and latest equipment to ensure the security of the Materials that will be entered on FILP by the user or that will pass through FILP, cannot guarantee absolute security and the user takes note of this, and agrees to hold FILP harmless of any claim for damages or harm following the breach of security systems prepared for FILP technology;

      6. FILP Technology is also committed to correct the errors and bugs that may appear on FILP Technology and allow the user to benefit always from these improvements;

      7. Downloading any material from FILP is at the exclusive risk of the User, which has been duly warned of the possible dangers of the same material and therefore assumes full responsibility for any damage to its systems, programs, or devices.


  12. Limitation of Liability (Disclaimer)

    1. The user acknowledges having read and accepted the following: THE FILP TEAM cannot be held responsible in any way for any direct or indirect damage, for other types of damage, by way of illustration and not limited to, damages for loss of income, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses arising from:

      1. use of FILP Technology;

      2. inability to use FILP Technology;

      3. the failure or block of FILP and the ensuing costs connected to the search and utilization of substitute goods or services;

      4. unauthorized access by third parties;

      5. damage caused by relatives, trusted people of the user or his staff;

      6. any other matter arising from the use or inability to use FILP Technology.


  13. Compensation for third-parties

    1. The user agrees to hold THE FILP TEAM, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, advertisers, licensors, suppliers or partners harmless from any third party claim arising from violations of the Terms or any other actions connected with the use of FILP Technology, including any liability or expense arising from all claims, losses, damages (actual and consequential), suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorney's fees, of every kind and nature. In such eventuality, airpim will provide timely written notice of such claim, suit, or legal action.


  14. Exclusions and limitations to the contract

    1. The limitations and exclusions of liability under the preceding articles shall be enforceable to the maximum extent possible.

    2. The User acknowledges and agrees, however, that the limitations and exclusions of liability not permitted by the laws of the country where the User resides, may not constitute cause of nullity of the remaining restrictions and exclusions of liability deemed valid in that jurisdiction.


  15. Privacy Policy

    1. Regarding the collection, use and processing of personally identifiable information of the FILP website users, THE FILP TEAM acknowledges abiding by the regulations in force in Italy and applicable Privacy laws in the various countries where operating centres will operate.

    2. To review the specific rules of personal data protection, please go the Privacy Policy.


  16. Supplementary agreements, Applicable rules, Jurisdiction

    1. Any other supplementary agreement must be in writing.

    2. These terms are governed by Italian law. Rovereto's district court will rule on any eventual dispute.

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